Hyperbaric Technologies is one of the leading companies in the world offering solutions in the areas of Supercritical Fluid Technology, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Systems, Hot Air Generators, Refrigeration Equipment, High Pressure Process Valves, High Pressure Process Piping, Test Rigs for Cyclic Stress Analysis & Validation, Diving & Subsea Equipment, customized solutions for processes requiring high pressures, high temperatures & very low temperatures, etc.

About Hyperbaric Technologies

Established in 1993, Hyperbaric Technologies has an extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heat exchangers, hot air generators, high pressure autoclave and reaction systems, and a wide array of high pressure process equipment.We have over two and half decades of experience in supercritical extraction plants, continuous counter current liquid extraction and the resultant developed technology.

Hyperbaric Technologies is the expert you should call for anything and everything that involves high pressure.

Our entire engineering and manufacturing operations for the supercritical extraction plants as well as process equipment / pressure vessels are governed by reputed international codes like ASME BPV / DIN / BS. We have incorporated these codes into detailed procedures for Design, Manufacturing and Testing.

We have an in-house design and engineering activity center which develops the manufacturing drawings and specifications. The engineering and design activity is fully backed by leading industry CAD and CAE software. We also utilize high end finite element modeling and analysis software. Our manufacturing workshops are manned by highly skilled personnel to fabricate the high pressure equipment conforming to the highest standards. Our practices are in strict conformance with the various code requirements to ensure the best quality and reliability in all the equipment delivered to our clients.

Hyperbaric Technologies Offers
  • Supercritical Extraction Large Scale Plants
  • Supercritical Extraction Lab and Pilot Plants
  • Supercritical Water Oxidation and Reaction Equipment
  • Supercritical Fluid Based micro and Nano Particle Formation Equipment
  • Continuous Countercurrent liquid Extraction with SCO2
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Systems
  • Equipment For Diving & Subsea Applications
  • High Pressure Process Valves
  • High Pressure Autoclave and Reaction Systems
  • High Pressure Pumps and Compressors
  • High Pressure Sterilization
  • High Pressure Intensifiers and Accumulators
  • High Pressure Testing & Simulation Equipment
  • Test Equipment for High Pressure Cyclic Stress Simulation and Deep sea Environment Simulation
  • Custom Designed And Engineered Pilot Plants & Systems