Diving and Subsea Equipment

Diving and Subsea Equipment

Hyperbaric Technologies is a leading company in manufacturing deep sea diving systems consisting of compression/decompression chambers, saturation systems, and pressure housings for underwater applications. Our diving systems are custom designed as per the client requirements, and are manufactured as per the mandatory guidelines specified in ASME PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy) code.

Hyperbaric Technologies is actively working in the domain of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV). Our prototypes are under development and shall be soon deployed for on-site testing.

Divers Decompression Chamber (DDC)

Divers Decompression Chamber is one of the key equipment used in air diving. In the DDC, the divers are acclimatized to the under water pressure conditions. Our DDC’s are skid mounted, modular, and can be customized for diver seating capacity as per the client needs. Further, we can provide a control panel that can remotely control the chamber operations of pressurizing, depressurizing, mechanical lock operation and so on.

Subsea Pressure Vessels and Housings

We also specialize in custom designed subsea pressure vessels as well as housings. Our vessels and housings are specially designed to withstand external pressures and loads as is the case underwater. They are designed to accommodate viewports or windows which are often a necessity in subsea camera applications.