PC-PLC Control Systems

Hyperbaric Technologies is in the forefront of process automation and control. We have an in-house expertise in PLC and SCADA system architecture. We offer all our equipment and plants along with a PC interface which allows for real-time process control, data monitoring and data collection.

Internal Bore Welding

The photograph shows a Bi-junction Welding System developed for Larsen & Toubro, for internal bore welding of 500 MW nuclear end shields. This technology is particularly useful for critical applications like nuclear.

Cladding and Overlay

Hyperbaric Technologies offers a wide range of weld overlay vessels. We work with a wide range of base metal-clad metal combinations. Our overlay procedures have been developed and perfected over the years and are fully automated, minimizing human involvement and error. This also allows us to achieve a uniform material deposition and a mirror finish of the cladded surface. We strictly conform to the requirements of ASME code including procedure qualification norms as well as in-process quality checks.

Supercritical Biodiesel Production

Hyperbaric Technologies is actively working in the supercritical biodiesel production domain.

Testing Rig for Cyclic Stress Simulation

We offer test rigs for simulating operating conditions of high pressure equipment that undergo cyclic loading.